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Talk with Dr. Sushil

Yoga – Asana, Postures
November 04 ,2011
By : Dr.Sushil

Asana means a state of being in which one can remain steady, calm and comfortable both mentally and physically. These are special patterns of postures that stabilize the mind and body through static stretching. Their aim is to establish proper system in the neuromuscular tonic impulses and improve the general muscle tone. Two basic principles governing the performance of asanas are stability and comfort. This suggests that the nature of asana is psychophysical and not only physical. Every asana should be performed effortlessly and maintained for a comfortable time. There should be no jerks and the performance of asana should not lead to undue fatigue. Asanas may be classified as Meditative, Cultural and Relaxative.

Asana can be performed for curative or for promoting health by gently stretching the muscles, massaging the internal organs and toning the nerves throughout the body. The health of the practitioners can be improved and many diseases can be eliminated with regular practice.

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