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Health Tips

  • The danger of sleep deprivation
  • February 21 ,2014
  • Just one week of insufficient sleep alter the activity of our genes, which control our response to stress, immunity, inflammation and overall health. Here are the hidden health hazards caused by sleep deprivation. Higher levels of anxiety: lack o ...
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  • When is an appropriate time to exercise?
  • December 10 ,2013
  • This is actually a very common question and many people receive forwarded emails describing the disadvantages of exercising at an inappropriate time and how it affects the organs. But before going into the advantages and advantages of exercising at s ...
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  • How to Prevent Bird Flu (Avian Influenza)
  • May 07 ,2013
  • How to Prevent Bird Flu (Avian Influenza) With the recent outbreak of Bird Flu in China, here's some tips on how to prevent bird flu: 1. Know if you are at risk. If you come into contact with any of the following, you may be at risk of becoming i ...
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  • Can she enjoys massage during Pregnancy or Menstruation?
  • March 21 ,2013
  • Many of our female customers has 3-4 common questions before they plan to have a massage. Here's our answers to those questions whether they can enjoy the massage when they are in the following conditions: Pregnancy: What's the Rub on Massage? Whil ...
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  • 10 Ways To Find Time for Fitness
  • November 30 ,2012
  • Time is a precious commodity and with the fast-paced, urgent world we live in, most people push their needs -- including exercise -- to the bottom of their to do lists. You may not have thought of it this way, but exercise saves you time and will mos ...
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