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Health Tips

  • What is Economy Class Syndrome?
  • July 09 ,2012
  • It would be a pity to step down from a 12-hour flight from Bangkok to Europe with a heart filled with excitement when less than half an hour after the steel bird touched the ground, and when passengers had yet to fill their lungs with the fresh air o ...
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  • Stretching Muscle to Prevent Neck Pain
  • April 09 ,2012
  • Neck pain is one of the most common problems which affect many people. Neck pain may associate with headache, eyeball pain, shoulder pain and arm pain. Rest or Medication may alleviate these pains. However the chronic or severe neck pain can have imp ...
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  • Aura Analysis: How Does It Work?
  • October 18 ,2011
  • What exactly is aura and how does one go about analysing an aura? Everybody has an aura. To put it simply, aura is an invisible light, a glow that surrounds every living thing. Its strength and colour is said to represent your personality, mood and ...
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  • Health Digital Check-Up: Five Health Trends to Watch in 2011
  • September 23 ,2011
  • “I want it future-proofed.” Nobody can predict the future unless they own a crystal ball that actually works. Nevertheless we like to have a go. We’ve examined five potential trends that are advancing healthcare today and shaping what it might ...
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  • How to Start – And Keep – A Workout Routine
  • August 16 ,2011
  • It’s easy to join the gym, start running, or maybe take a yoga class or two. But just as easy as it is to try a new workout routine, it’s just as easy to fall out of that routine as well. Here are some tips for how to keep your exercise routine g ...
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